Monday, May 17, 2010

Today: Down

[Today: Down]

"等你等太久 想你淚會流 而幸福快樂是什麼
愛的痛了 痛的哭了 哭的累了日記本裡頁頁執著
記載著你的好 像上癮的毒藥 它反覆騙著我
愛的痛了 痛的哭了 哭的累了矛盾心裡總是強求
勸自己要放手 閉上眼讓你走 燒掉日記重新來過" - (a part of lyrics that makes me sad)

Today I kinda feel...down...
I don't know why. It could be because it's all cloudy and gray out side.
Or it could be because I have been listening to sad love songs all day long.
Man...It makes me depress...
Over the past year I started to realize, maybe I'm not that much of a positive person after all.
I usually have my ups and my downs but this past year...I have way more downs than my ups.


I don't like growing up. May 17 2010

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